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Dear member

PSA Job Evaluation Update

Let me start by thanking all those who have completed our recent workplace questionnaire around the role of the PSA we have started to process this information.

Aberdeen City Council have indicated that it’s been some time since they last reviewed this post nearly 10 years, and it is GMB Scotland intention to request that we move forward with this evaluation process to ensure that your current duties are reflective / responsive to your job role within different school settings.

GMB Scotland is the campaigning union for school support, and we will keep you update on any further developments in relation to the job evaluation process.

Please remember to get your colleagues to sign up today to ensure that we have one united voice for school support staff across Scotland, please stay connected and remember

1. Contact your local GMB rep if you are worried about your safety at work

2. If you do not have a workplace rep on-site consider becoming one

3. Pass this briefing to a non-union member and ask them to join us at

Kind regards

Stephen Massey
Aberdeen Regional Organiser 

Posted: 11th March 2021

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