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The Role of a GMB Workplace Organiser

In most workplaces the GMB has a designated GMB Workplace/Rep Organiser. Where there is not a GMB Workplace Organiser the backup comes from the local GMB Branch/Office. The GMB is running a national campaign to ensure each Workplace has a Rep/Organiser.

The GMB union has over 20,000 trained Workplace Organisers. Members who voluntarily give their time to organise, negotiate, advise, and represent work colleagues who are GMB members.

The GMB Workplace Organiser role includes:

  • Building GMB strength by organising all non-trade union members into the GMB.
  • Communicate and inform members on what is happening locally in their workplace and what GMB initiatives and campaigns are taking place.
  • Advise GMB members when members need specific guidance on how to raise particular issues of concerns.
  • Represent members’ interests at a disciplinary, grievance or on matters that affect the membership collectively.
  • Solving problems in the workplace by promoting fairness and dignity at work. Assess any health and safety problems.

GMB Workplace Organisers are supported by a GMB network of full time GMB Organisers and specialists who are experts in the world of work.

All GMB Workplace Organisers are provided a wide range of training courses so not only are you organising and representing members you are also building your own skills which are vital in any workplace. Skills that can be transferable into your daily life and skills which help build your confidence.  GMB negotiates time off work for you to undertake your duties as a GMB Workplace Organiser/Shop Steward.

Interested? Email setting out your name, employer, GMB membership number and why you are interested in becoming a rep/workplace Organiser.