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Dear Member,


Over the Christmas period, the number of cases of coronavirus has dramatically increased across Scotland as a new strain of the virus B.1.1.7 has been identified which is 50% more infectious than the one which first spread in February and March 2020.

GMB Scotland demands that stronger measures are introduced to reduce the transmission risk within your workplace, and both the risk assessment and protective measures with your service will need to be reviewed and updated.

Until all front-line staff are offered vaccinations social distancing and increased PPE provision must be the priority to ensure that your safety is not compromised during your working day.

I would like to remind all our members that they should ensure that they are following the correct government guidelines for good hand hygiene which is essential in preventing the transmission of Covid 19.

We firmly believe that access to clean and safe welfare facilities during your shift pattern is a further priority for GMB members.  We have recently been made aware that the Waste and Recycling Service has been affected by a Covid 19 related incident.

This has led to several of your colleagues currently self-isolating.  GMB Scotland wish to extend our solidarity with all involved and wish them all the very best in returning to work as soon as safely possible.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the protections that your employer should be taking to ensure that your workplace remains Covid secure during this pandemic.

The law requires your employer to comply with Regulation 3 of the Management of the Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 which requires: “That employers must conduct suitable and sufficient Risk assessments to identify hazards and evaluate the risk, put effective controls in place to eliminate or reduce risks and manage the work process so it is safe and record the main points”.

This is further supported by Regulation 8 of the same Regulations which requires an employer “to establish procedures to be followed in emergencies and in serious and imminent danger, appoint competent people to implement them.  To ensure that they can stop work and immediately proceed to a place of safety in the event of their being exposed to serious and imminent and unavoidable danger, and do not return to work until the danger is removed.”

GMB Scotland will be holding a member’s health and safety meeting for our members within the Waste and Recycling Service to discuss any workplace issues that you may have at this time.  A virtual zoom invite will be circulated shortly to all our members over the course of this week.

Kind regards
Stephen Massey
GMB Regional Organiser

Posted: 14th January 2021

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