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Dear GMB Member

Is Your School Safe?  

GMB Scotland is the union for school support staff, but we need more members to join and support our campaigning activities across the country. We are the union of cleaners, clerical and catering staff, janitors, early years, and pupil support assistants.

GMB members know full well that schools have been open throughout this pandemic and that this has only been possible because GMB school support staff have been physically attending every day.

With the introduction of more staff and pupils, you now need to ensure that your workplace remains safe and COVID secure.   Therefore, all risk assessments will need to reviewed and updated to consider the changing landscape of the this and any future phased return to schooling.

It is imperative, that any changes to risk assessments are developed with sufficient consultation with union reps and staff before these are adopted by your school.  The Scottish Government has issued each local authority with updated guidance on the safe systems of work, for school and specialist settings.

GMB Scotland will continue to demand that the Scottish Government provide school support staff with a priority vaccination classification.  Until then, we would in the interim encourage all our members to participate within the asymptomatic testing, being offered at a local level by your employer / local authority.

Asymptomatic testing should be made available to and include teachers, classroom-based support staff, administrative staff, facilities management staff (cleaners, janitors, etc.), school transport staff and other school-based staff who are critical to the effective delivery of school education.  Please also see guidance on asymptomatic testing in school settings is available via

Please remember to get your colleagues to sign up today to ensure that we have one united voice for school support staff across Scotland, please stay connected and remember to

  1. Contact your local GMB rep if you are worried about your safety at work 
  1. If you do not have a workplace rep on-site consider becoming one 
  1. Pass this briefing to a non-union member and ask them to join us at

Kind regards
Stephen Massey
GMB Scotland – Schools Support Team

Posted: 25th February 2021

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