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Dear member,


It was extremely disappointing that the First Minister did little to address your workplace concerns when she announced that schools would be returning later this month.   

This is unacceptable when over 1200 GMB members from across the country have indicated that they continue to face health and safety difficulties within their workplace.

Where is the dignity and respect for your contribution throughout this pandemic?  We need to be clear that support staff are not second-class citizens within Education.

If the Scottish Government want to return children and young people to education, then they must support this with a priority vaccination programme for all workers within education.  We have seen no commitment to this end from the government.  

GMB position is clear, all school-based staff must be safe at work and it’s time the government valued the contribution made by our members.

We welcome regular testing and have been calling for that for months, but the most important objective should be for the Scottish Government to vaccinate all school staff before all children can return to school and that way you have a covid secure workplace.  

This virus will not go away in the short term, and the Scottish Government cannot continue to treat workers like an expendable commodity whilst affording themselves the protection from working from home. 

We have secured testing and it’s time to secure vaccinations for all school-based staff. 

Sign this petition if you believe all school-based staff should be vaccinated before all the school pupils return. This is about protecting your pupils, your family and yourself.

Sign here:

Share this communication with everyone you work with, we need everyone in your school to back our demands on vaccinations.

Kind regards

Stephen Massey
GMB Scotland – Schools Support Team  

Posted: 4th February 2021

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